T5 Luminaires 10.0 54W

Product Introduction

Simulation of sunlight: Giangarden uvb reptile light is conducive to binding with calcium powder, inducing the activation of vitamin D3, thus promoting the conversion of calcium in bones and blood, and effectively preventing metabolic bone disease.

Energy saving and Environmental protection: Lower energy consumption, excellent energy saving and environmental protection.

Moderate size: Giangarden T5 uvb reptile light fixture is reasonable in size, more convenient to install and use in Terrarium.

Wide application: Suitable for all tropical and subtropical reptiles with moderate UV requirements.

Easy To Use: Equipped with detailed assembly and disassembly instructions. If you have any questions, please consult our customer service. We will answer your questions in detail.

Quality Assurance: Giangarden terrarium light has plastic protective covers at both ends, making it safer to use and harmless.

High-quality after-sales service: Giangarden uva uvb reptile light broke in transit, you can contact Giangarden customer service for return or exchange procedures.

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Product Introduction

Model: LFT5

Size: 46.2 x 2.25 x 1.65 inches 

Weight: 1.95 Pounds(884.50g)

SKU: 8W 24W 39W 54W